Mama Bird Box

I want to start off by saying THANK YOU, to Mama Bird Box! Mama Bird Box was created by two sisters who believed in pampering the Mama who is going through pregnancy and deserves a little something 🤗.  Thank you Beth and Becca! 
I felt very honored after Mama Bird Box reached out to me and decided to create my very first unboxing video! I was so excited to open the box.. I actually had to do a little unboxing before the true unboxing .. Oops.. But it’s like Christmas Day when you receive fun mail, I couldn’t wait!  However, in the video I went in depth on what I actually received in my adorable box.😊

I look forward to hearing what you all think about this unboxing. If you’re looking to give someone a baby shower gift, this is an awesome way to surprise them!

Learn more in my video!
    Xo, Heather J.

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Kitty Whoop .. ;)

Not going to make this a longer post because I feel that learning about the brand is a bit more important than any goo goo gah gah I’m going to write.  Based off the brand name, many people may be confused.. However, Kitty Whoop Ass is created by Jules Lavallee. Jules created this line to help empower women while giving back to the community. According to Jules website, “Jules admits that Kitty Whoop Ass is her alter ego. She is fiercely competitive, independent, kind, and compassionate.- An enigma.” I would have to agree just by speaking with her and the name of her brand 😉 ! The VERY BEST PART about this comapny is that she donates a portion of her proceeds to The Big Cat Rescue!! Who doesn’t love cats, big cats, and donating money while buying a stylist, cute shirt!  I have had the honor of writing this post, but most of all being able to represent her brand and of course my Otis (our son, our first born, our kitty) has joined in on the photos as well.  Thank you Jules for sending me this extremely comfortable, very adorable shirt that also fits over my baby bump!

I highly recommend if you’re a cat lover, or know a fierce cat lover that is interested in rocking a Kitty Whoop Ass shirt, that you send them to ! These shirts are now ON SALE for 17$, and they have Kitty Whoop Ass MUGS that are coming the end of January for 12$, just in time for valentines day!! Don’t forget, 1$ per each item sold will be donated to The Big Cat Rescue! The more you buy, the more that is donated to this awesome organization!

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A little rest and relaxation…

Our little girl has officially turned 6 months old.. I mean, in my belly of course.  Today, Layla and I had our doctors appointment and found out she is doing great, extremely active and likes to kick the doctor when he was searching for her heart beat.  Sounds like we have an athlete on our hands ;0)

I decided to dress extremely comfortable, and of course I had to reach in my closet for my fashionable, yet trendy maternity wear by Pink Blush Maternity.  Pink Blush has clothing not only for expecting mothers but for those ladies looking for adorable, trendy and fashionable apparel.  I decided to wear my Oatmeal Cowl Knit Maternity Sweater for ultimate comfort. This sweater is literally to die for! It has been my go-to for when I really don’t feel like putting clothing on.  This sweater is not only cute and comfy, but its going to be my go-to while pregnant as well as when I am not.  Today I decided to just throw my hair up, slip on my Pink Blush Maternity sweater and some cute flats and head to relax after my appointment.  Today was a much needed time to myself, with my kitty and my pup and of course my lovely maternity sweater.

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BKLYN | Outfit of the Day.


Outfit of the day, includes the BKLYN baseball shirt from Burlington in honor of my 7 year anniversary with my love!  My husband is from Brooklyn so I thought it would be appropriate for todays #OOTD!

.. Kitty not available 😉


BKLYN shirt : Burlington Coat Factory

Black Booties: Charlotte Russe

Sunglasses/Eyewear: Flawless Frames

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Welcome 2016

I decided to post a blog welcoming 2016, and although I contemplated what to write, or how to go about the post.. I am thinking, showing you all my New Years Eve fashion featuring a cute jewelry accessory company, and some positive quotes would be the way to go.  If you have made it to 2016, you should be happy, grateful and thankful.  So many have not made it to the new year, under numerous circumstances and regardless of your economic, financial or physical standing, you have made it to 2016.  You have made it another year to start clean, to have a blank slate to write a new story, or if you choose to continue the story you have already written.  No matter what, be positive.. when you’re in doubt, remember someone has it worse than you do.  You do not need anyone else to tell you how to feel, to tell you how to be happy or to live your dreams for you.  As cliche as it sounds, just remember to work hard, and your dreams will only work if you do.  No one owes you anything.

Now that I gave a bit of my brain to those who may need that little push when reading this.. I can now let you know how awesome it was to rock Mimys Trinkets for my NYE outfit !!  I wore a LBD (little black dress) from Burlington Coat Factory, and rocked my awesome black knee high length boots from Arden with an amazing gold coin necklace and gold shield ring from Mimys Trinkets!  I had a great time ringing in the 2016 with family and friends and starting off the year with nothing but positive vibes!

Happy 2016 everyone!! Have an awesome year.

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