Hi all! Long time no blog..  I will make more, in length posts coming very soon. However, here are some short tidbits of what’s been going on… 😎

  • Had my beautiful babygirl on 28 APR 16. 
  • Went back to work after 7 weeks of staying home with my princess.
  • Work has been busy, so haven’t been able to write all of the posts yet. 
  • Been asked to be a brand rep for some maternity companies/ baby companies recently. 
  • Baby products/ Mama product reviews coming soon. 
  • On my post-partum fitness journey, taking one day at a time.
  • Will be giving thank you posts to the companies I was so fortunate to work with while being pregnant for 10 months.

I have many more items to talk about but I am SUPER surprised and very appreciative for all of the love and support I have recieved for my blog site. I haven’t been able to update since our little girl was born, however I check the stats of my page and have been getting WAY MORE views than I would expect, being that I haven’t written any new material. So… THANK YOU to all of my new followers and I promise to write my backdated posts and reviews ASAP. You guys are the (favorite saying lately) and we will talk soon 🤗!!!! 


Heather J. 

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