Baby Blogger: 6 Months!

Hi all .. Layla Fiona here 😄! I am officially 6 months old!!  Mommy took some shots of me today, and of course I am wearing my Zelda Matilda Kids Accessories. (White Bow)  Just saying hello and showing you my OOTD!
My Halloween outfit will be posted on my Moms Instagram Story! Check it out by following her @heather.jax 💁🏽❤️
Xo, Layla Fiona ❣️

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Baby Blogger's 2nd #OOTD

Hi all.. Layla Fiona here! I will be 6 months old next week and I wanted to share with you my special OOTD! (Outfit of the Day!) my first OOTD post, I wasn’t able to sit up on my own, however I have grown so much that I am able to sit up on my own, I’m eating real foods now, and I love to stand 🤗!! Well.. less talk more show, here is my OOTD featuring Zelda Matilda Kids Accessories! 
Zelda Matilda Purple Bow

• This bow is actually supposed to be on a headband, however because mommy put my hair in two pigtails, she decided to take the bow off the headband. Lucky for us, the bow has its own clip to attach to the headband and can be removed whenever you want! Super cool right? Now check out my outfit below and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram as well as my Mom who is doing all the updating for me. 😉 

Instagram @LaylaFiona + @Heather.Jax 

Instagram @ZeldaMatildaKid
❣️Layla Fiona 

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