My America IS Great because of you.. 

I thought this would be another “baby blogger OOTD” post for Veterans Day.. but with my hero and favorite veteran going thru cancer and our new president elect, I figured I would do a letter to you.. MY hero. 

My America has always been great, regardless of anyone’s thoughts. You fought for our country, and expected nothing in return, yet deserved everything. You came back from war, broken and battered and with medals on your chest, yet was spit on and called disgusting names because of the color of your skin. You worked your whole entire life since you were a child, went off to war (VOLUNTEERED) and came back a hero who was never given the chance to be considered a hero. 

It’s now November 11, 2016 and you will literally give the shirt off of your back for any and everyone, and as a veteran on Veterans Day, you still don’t get the respect you deserve. You’re a Purple Heart veteran, bronze star recipient and combat war veteran and no one has ever taken the time to know YOU. The VA has never helped you till this day. Our country has never given you the time or respect you DESERVE. You’re extremely strong, physically, emotionally and never once asked for ANYONES help.  Now that you’re going thru cancer, and STILL working and still providing for your family, I just want to say thank you. You are my hero, you’re a hero to this country, and YOU and all of your fallen comrades are the reason this AMERICA IS GREAT! This America has always been great, and it’s because of you. 

I love you, Dad. 

Happy Veterans Day.. You’re my Hero!
Layla representing her Veterans outfit for her mommy and her grandpa from Boots Badge and Baby. ❣️🇺🇸

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