Little Spoon

Hey y’all! It’s been a little while, again.. I mean life gets crazy🤷🏽‍♀️it is what it is! .. however, Layla and I did receive an awesome product that we want to share with you.

Little Spoon is a an amazing option of baby food/ toddler food that is FRESH and ORGANIC. When I mean fresh, I mean.. fresh!  The “baby” food was sent to me for product review purposes, however.. Layla fell IN LOVE with it.  Layla hasn’t eaten “baby food” in a very long time.  She has been on solid food for a while, and I was nervous that she wasn’t going to like the mushy stuff anymore but, man, was I wrong!!

This food is freshly made with all organic fruit and veggies.  The package arrived in a box, however the box had something like a cold pack on the bottom to keep the items cold while in transport. *Smartest Idea EVER*  I was quite nervous that Layla wouldn’t take to having certain veggies and fruits mixed together.. once again, I was completely wrong.

Let’s see.. for example, Little Spoon had mixed peas, pears, and mint and I didn’t think Layla would be fond of it because she’s never had mint , or even pears and peas mixed together.. however, this was one of her FAVORITES!  Another one of her favorites was the beat, banana and mango mixed together. Layla has never had beats before and definitely not mixed with banana and mango, and she ended up crying because she wanted more and she finished it all! 😔

I would HIGHLY recommend Little Spoon, to any family looking to have their child try new foods that are HEALTHY and perfect serving amounts and full of nutrients.  Although this is “baby food” it was so healthy and worth giving to Lay, I would recommend for any toddler as well.  Layla’s god-mother tried it when she was feeding  her and she even liked it.. I mean, it’s THAT GOOD! Oh side note: it’s all HOMEMADE🙌🏽!!

Follow Little Spoon on their social media, let them know I sent you and check out their site to purchase some amazing food for your children!

Instagram: @littlespoon

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