Toddler Travels : The Crossings☀️

Here is a little Toddler Travels for you.. since my baby isn’t really a baby blogger anymore. Lay is 16 months and acts grown, so not a baby anymore.. so I guess toddler life it is. The goal is to update you guys on Layla’s travels with “Toddler Travels” 😀 !! So here is the first one … and not to mention, Kev and I always tell her that Layla has been to way more places in 16 months since being born, then we did at her age… she better appreciate it, HA! 😅

Anyways, I’ll start with the most recent place we went.. and I am still debating on showing her travels in the past couple of months as well.. or just move forward🤔 hmmm.. I’ll think about it.

Here is Lay at The Crossings in Colonie, NY. So far she’s been here twice (as a toddler), and it’s always been super packed. The first time was on a Saturday, the second was on a Sunday and still packed.. I think if she was just a LITTLE BIT older, it would be way more fun for her. She loves other kids, and climbing and running.. however, some of the sets to climb on are above her level (for now) so she would get frustrated. As soon as her Dada put her on the swing set (her fav) she was fine.

All in all, it’s one of my favorite places to relax, run, walk and chill.. but for toddlers, I would recommend going during the week.. my assumption would be that it’s wayyyyyy less people there.

Happy Travels!

Xo, Heather J + Layla Fiona 🌿

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Two Forks & Flowers🌿

Hi y’all.. I know it’s been some time, again. I have to stop saying that, and just be more current.. I’ll work on that. On the other hand, I wanted to start September off with lots of positivity, support and love! Two Forks & Flowers is not a random title.. I am going somewhere with this, I promise!

I would like to introduce you to, Two Forks & Flowers. Two Forks & Flowers is an original reality show created by two best friends that want to share their ideas for your next best dinner party! Oh yeah, and I happened to know these two beautiful ladies from childhood! I don’t want to give too much insight, because I want you to check out their links and of course their YouTube channel..

However, I can say.. they basically bring Pinterest to your table. Looking to do a dinner party? Lunch party? A party that requires some fancy DIY, cute decor and amazing recipes? They’re your girls!

Rebecca and Lauren are two Long Island ladies, who want to share their love for fresh ingredients and cute table top settings. Their YouTube channel can give you a better idea of their style (better then I can explain). I just wanted to show some support and love for the work they have done thus far and looking forward to all of their growth.

I am a “foodie” and “Pinterestie” person, on the low-low.. (Gordon Ramsay, is life) and I was super excited to see this combination put together, and by people I grew up with!

Support & Show love, and of course get some amazing ideas for your next party! Follow their links below ☀️

Two Forks & Flowers • Social Links🍽

YouTube : Subscribe !!

Instagram : Follow🍴


Heather J. 🌿

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