Celebrate Women!

I continued to write on this post for months now.. and then I would erase, and start over then say forget it. Today seems like a good day to release it. It won’t be long, just some thoughts.

My daughter Layla will be TWO in April. Two in CAPS because it’s a big deal, duh. She’s a spitting image of both my husband and myself. She looks like Mommy 😏 and has Daddy’s personality 😍! She’s super curious about everything, happy as hell, and loves everyone. People at school call her “Layla the Mayor”. She has to say hello to everyone we meet and has such an awesome heart for a young child. She doesn’t like to see people get hurt, and she wants to comfort them. She’s not perfect either, she can have an attitude (not sure where she got it from🤔😅), she will be a bit rough at times, and she decided to learn the word NO 😑.. However, we don’t expect perfect.

Everyone wants a perfect child, and that’s why children grow up to be entitled adults. Their upbringing, whomever raised or didn’t raise them, never told them no.. Never gave it to them real, and let them learn from mistakes because they don’t believe their child could ever make a mistake. **** No judgments here on how you raise your children, simply stating my thoughts **** However, we don’t expect our child to be perfect at anything. We expect her to have fun, be a child, learn about respect, learn to appreciate others and to fail, but learn from her failures and move forward.

She’s only going to be TWO, (again it’s that important it needs to be in caps, lol) but I am proud to be raising a daughter. She will flourish in all she does because we will let her fail, and then explain to her that it’s okay to fail, but it’s not okay to give up. If you fail, and you continue to work hard, only good things will come. There will be many factors that can knock her down, but the ones that arise, she will face them with perservearance and strength with her parents by her side.

I said this won’t be long.. I lied. Oops!

To all the women of the world, celebrate today knowing you have a long road ahead but if you keep pushing, nothing will stop you. Celebrate knowing your sisters, mothers, wives, girlfriends, daughters, neices, are still fighting for equality but won’t ever give up. Celebrate knowing you’re a strong woman that will make a difference no matter your status or job title. Celebrate because you’re the shit, and that’s all that needs to be said. 😋

Happy International Women’s Day!


Heather J.

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