Two Forks & Flowers🌿

Hi y’all.. I know it’s been some time, again. I have to stop saying that, and just be more current.. I’ll work on that. On the other hand, I wanted to start September off with lots of positivity, support and love! Two Forks & Flowers is not a random title.. I am going somewhere with this, I promise!

I would like to introduce you to, Two Forks & Flowers. Two Forks & Flowers is an original reality show created by two best friends that want to share their ideas for your next best dinner party! Oh yeah, and I happened to know these two beautiful ladies from childhood! I don’t want to give too much insight, because I want you to check out their links and of course their YouTube channel..

However, I can say.. they basically bring Pinterest to your table. Looking to do a dinner party? Lunch party? A party that requires some fancy DIY, cute decor and amazing recipes? They’re your girls!

Rebecca and Lauren are two Long Island ladies, who want to share their love for fresh ingredients and cute table top settings. Their YouTube channel can give you a better idea of their style (better then I can explain). I just wanted to show some support and love for the work they have done thus far and looking forward to all of their growth.

I am a “foodie” and “Pinterestie” person, on the low-low.. (Gordon Ramsay, is life) and I was super excited to see this combination put together, and by people I grew up with!

Support & Show love, and of course get some amazing ideas for your next party! Follow their links below ☀️

Two Forks & Flowers • Social Links🍽

YouTube : Subscribe !!

Instagram : Follow🍴


Heather J. 🌿

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Been a while..

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while, however I noticed that the last major blog post I created was in regards to Veterans Day on November 11, 2016 and it was a dedication to my father. Who would’ve known that a month and change later, the greatest man in the world would pass away. 

I always ask my father to send me a sign since I haven’t gotten to see him in my dreams yet (only to replay the weekend of his passing over and over).  However, I received my first Valor Blocks box in the mail in the middle of March, around the same time I was feeling down since I haven’t gotten any signs from him.  Valor Blocks is a new  subscription box service that has official licenses with the military branches and curate the best military gear (Army, Air, Navy, Marine Corp) each month and send to your door.  These boxes are awesome to send to those deployed as well.  Valor Blocks reached out to me to see if I would be interested, with my assumption they knew that I was in the Air Force (unsure if they stalked my instagram or not 🤷🏽‍♀️).  However, I received my first “Valor Block” and when it came in the mail it was…. U.S ARMY. 

Yes, I said U.S ARMY.. and if any of you know, my father was a Vietnam Veteran that served in the Army…. SO, of course I took this as my “sign” from my Dad.  The box that came was great! It had awesome Official U.S Army gear inside to include the Army Flag, and a big t-shirt of course catered to the Army.  However, a month later in April, when I started to feel down again while planning my daughters first birthday and realizing my Dad wouldn’t be around for this day… I received an email. The email was a tracking number.. but I didn’t buy anything online lately? I thought it could’ve been spam or just sent to the wrong address? No idea. 

In April, I received ANOTHER Valor Blocks box! Completely surprised, because I wasn’t aware they would continue to send boxes since this was a blogger product review.  Not only was this a surprise, it included an official U.S Army coin, (something we use in the Air Force) and another t-shirt and a heavy duty Army glass. 

Not only do I want to say Thank you to Valor Blocks for the awesome apparel, and goodies.. I want to say Thank you for the great timing. You weren’t aware of my Fathers situation, but I think it was his sign letting me know he’s still here and thinking about me.. I could be wrong, but it was impeccable timing.. so Thank You! 

To all my followers, please check out Valor Blocks website and order some subscription boxes for your veteran friends, guarantee they will love this and appreciate it! Marines, and Air Force are also on their way to their site! Check out the images below to see some of the awesome items I received! HUA. 🇺🇸

@ValorBlocks • Instagram 

Xo, Heather J. 


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599 Fashion

Hey y’all.. so just like the title, this blog post is dedicated to 599 Fashion.  599 Fashion sent me some great pieces, and I want to share it with you.  Not only is this site affordable (like, really affordable) the clothing is good quality.  They were generous enough to send me an array of items, and I want to showcase this for all of y’all! All items on their site are brand new, and sell out VERY quickly. I mean… head over to their site and then you can see why. 😉  Not to mention, they do FREE returns and exchanges = Amazing customer service! 

Not only did they send me some awesome apparel, they also gave me a code to give to my lovely friends (that’s you)! So don’t forget to use code: HJ435 and this will give you 20% off your first order.. yes, 20% y’all! So head on over to their site: 💜💁🏽 
Olive Green dress • super comfortable and relaxed and one of my favorites!

Tan Booties • A little big, but super comfy and cute and perfect for this spring/ summer weather

Off white open sweater • comfortable, literally goes with everything – NOT too heavy, so it’s comfortable for many temperatures!

Grey Maxi Dress with middle slit• MY FAVORITE, super comfortable, ecentuates your curves, and can use for all types of events! 


Heather J. 

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The Stork made a delivery!

When you least expect it, you usually receive some awesome gifts. Well, the Stork dropped off a big bag at my door step. 😍 Much thanks to Mommy MaiDD and for sending this gift. It is truly one of the best Pregnancy Gifts you will receive!

When you receive the box, it is very heavy.  I read about their Stork bags online and all the positive reviews, however I never thought that it would hold SO much product on the inside.  I am not talking about little samples, I mean true to size regular products from a bunch of different places.  The bag is full of so many items, one to include so far being my favorite is the Bump Water. Not a little sample, but a full bottle of bump water.  I sound like I’m bragging, but this bag is something to be excited about. You can buy this as a pregnancy gift for anyone you know that’s expecting and they will be highly satisfied.  Not only do they have subscriptions for stork bags during your pregnancy, they ALSO offer POSTbump Bags! Yes post bump! These bags are re-usable and durable!  You have to head over to their site and see, it’s not something I can just explain in this post.

Thank you again to MommyMaiDD for sending me this amazing bag for review! I am extremely happy with all the products inside and I just can’t wait to use them all!  I have posted images below of some of the Stork Bag items. Be sure to follow them on their social media!

Instagram: @MommyMaiDD

xo, Heather J.


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Let's go, SWIMM. 

Oh hi everyone.. I didn’t make a typo in the heading, it’s true.. There is a new swimwear company called The SWIMM Shop. The SWIMM shop was so gracious enough to send me one of their amazing swimsuits this winter!  I figured to brighten up the day a bit (most of us in the Northeast have some snow falling) and to ask you to check out their newly added site!  The site is now LIVE and has some very cute swimsuits available to be purchased. They are extremely affordable and quite cute and trendy. You can get your swimsuit now to get you in the mood for great weather to come!

Although I have a baby bump, I was able to put on the awesome white, one piece swimsuit that the company sent me. It has mesh cuts and is very fluid. The swimsuit fits perfectly with my bump, and I am looking forward to seeing how it fits with out the bump.  I have chosen my two favorite swimsuits from their site and will post their name and price below!

Head over to their site : THE SWIMM SHOP

Follow this company on Instagram: @TheSwimmShop

Xo, Heather J.

This is “Mari Gold” which is on sale for $15.74 

This is the “Aaliyah” and it is $20.99

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Buy Buy Baby!

I decided to write a post in regards to a certain registry because I feel that, many new moms love freebies and perks, and this certain place has it all! Really Quick side note and I promise it will make sense, haha…..  My best friend, Sherrie (who is also a mom blogger, and I will link her blog to this one below) gave birth to my beautiful, smiley, nephew Logan Scott.  Logan was born in April of last year, which is when our little princess will be arriving as well.  When Sherrie made her registry, she used Buy Buy Baby.  I went to Buy Buy Baby as a consumer to buy for Sherries baby shower, and I was highly impressed with their customer service.  You walk into the store, and ask for the particular baby shower you’re buying for and they’re willing to help you from beginning to end.  I literally mean, from beginning to end.  They will walk around with you, if you feel overwhelmed on what to buy for the baby shower and help you break it down. Like I said, I promised this would lead into something more… well, naturally I decided to ask Sherrie how the process was for making a registry as the Parents to be this time. She had nothing but awesome things to say, so I decided to move forward with Buy Buy Baby as the main registry!

Now, for the fun stuff… Our experience as Parents to be with Buy Buy Baby, was just as great as being a consumer.. probably even better.  We had a consult with the registry rep, and she gave me (the mom to be) a water bottle,  my hubby received the booklet of what we should reference to for scanning purposes (also had a great coupons inside) and then gave us the scanner and some directions.  This is the short version of us sitting down with the rep for 20 minutes learning about their registry and referral program.  Anywho, after having a great time scanning and looking at cute baby items, and all things batman.. yes we are having a girl, but Daddy believes that she has to be a DC fan, not a “marvel” fan like her momma….. We then brought our scanner back to the counter.  When we returned, the rep had printed out registry invitation cards and gave us a BAG full of free goodies, and coupons.  This wasn’t your normal “thanks for picking us as your registry bag”.. This was a THANK YOU! for picking us as your registry bag! This bag was truly filled with items that you would actually want to use, multiple samples and airplane size travel items.  It was an awesome way to end our scanning trip.

Oh yeah about that referral program, if you utilize their registry and you tell them your friend recommended you because they also used the registry, that person would in turn, receive 25$ off 100$ purchase coupon.  It’s a nice little surprise for the person who referred you, and you also get so many more perks for using them as a registry 😉


Xo, Heather J.

My BFF’s Blog: Forever Young Moms


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Mama Bird Box

I want to start off by saying THANK YOU, to Mama Bird Box! Mama Bird Box was created by two sisters who believed in pampering the Mama who is going through pregnancy and deserves a little something 🤗.  Thank you Beth and Becca! 
I felt very honored after Mama Bird Box reached out to me and decided to create my very first unboxing video! I was so excited to open the box.. I actually had to do a little unboxing before the true unboxing .. Oops.. But it’s like Christmas Day when you receive fun mail, I couldn’t wait!  However, in the video I went in depth on what I actually received in my adorable box.😊

I look forward to hearing what you all think about this unboxing. If you’re looking to give someone a baby shower gift, this is an awesome way to surprise them!

Learn more in my video!
    Xo, Heather J.

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