Celebrate Women!

I continued to write on this post for months now.. and then I would erase, and start over then say forget it. Today seems like a good day to release it. It won’t be long, just some thoughts.

My daughter Layla will be TWO in April. Two in CAPS because it’s a big deal, duh. She’s a spitting image of both my husband and myself. She looks like Mommy 😏 and has Daddy’s personality 😍! She’s super curious about everything, happy as hell, and loves everyone. People at school call her “Layla the Mayor”. She has to say hello to everyone we meet and has such an awesome heart for a young child. She doesn’t like to see people get hurt, and she wants to comfort them. She’s not perfect either, she can have an attitude (not sure where she got it from🤔😅), she will be a bit rough at times, and she decided to learn the word NO 😑.. However, we don’t expect perfect.

Everyone wants a perfect child, and that’s why children grow up to be entitled adults. Their upbringing, whomever raised or didn’t raise them, never told them no.. Never gave it to them real, and let them learn from mistakes because they don’t believe their child could ever make a mistake. **** No judgments here on how you raise your children, simply stating my thoughts **** However, we don’t expect our child to be perfect at anything. We expect her to have fun, be a child, learn about respect, learn to appreciate others and to fail, but learn from her failures and move forward.

She’s only going to be TWO, (again it’s that important it needs to be in caps, lol) but I am proud to be raising a daughter. She will flourish in all she does because we will let her fail, and then explain to her that it’s okay to fail, but it’s not okay to give up. If you fail, and you continue to work hard, only good things will come. There will be many factors that can knock her down, but the ones that arise, she will face them with perservearance and strength with her parents by her side.

I said this won’t be long.. I lied. Oops!

To all the women of the world, celebrate today knowing you have a long road ahead but if you keep pushing, nothing will stop you. Celebrate knowing your sisters, mothers, wives, girlfriends, daughters, neices, are still fighting for equality but won’t ever give up. Celebrate knowing you’re a strong woman that will make a difference no matter your status or job title. Celebrate because you’re the shit, and that’s all that needs to be said. 😋

Happy International Women’s Day!


Heather J.

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Thank You!

Hi y’all. Long time no talk.. again. However, this same day last year I made a post and it was a dedication to my father, my hero, my veteran. In that post I explained how he is a true hero that was never represented properly. Well…. a year later and I can say, my father has finally been properly represented.

On November 5th, 2017 my mother received a knock at the door saying they found my fathers Purple Heart…. nothing but tears for the past 6 days, just saying. Of course, tears of joy, excitement, and complete shock. My father has been looking for his Purple Heart for over 20 years. My father fought in Vietnam War and was heavily injured during that time. He received four bronze stars and a Purple Heart… however his DD214 only states that he received the bronze stars. The Purple Heart information was burned up in a fire in Illinois after he returned home from war. All the information, to include the Medal was now MIA. My father heavily wondered about what happened to his Medal, and wanted to see it, physically in his hand. (I will post the links to the articles that wrote an awesome story on his background and the return of my fathers Purple Heart Medal.)

After the Illinois State Treasurer, Michael Frerichs Office helped facilitate the return of my fathers Purple Heart back to our family, it finally made its way to NY to where it belongs. (We are beyond grateful for your help in returning my fathers Medal, Thank you doesn’t seem enough) !!!

I really just wanted to recognize as much as I can, the people who helped to make this all possible.

Thank you Karen Heppner, you’re amazing, amazing, amazing.. not sure our family can thank you enough.

Thank you Eric Cox of KMOV for your first hand report of the return of my fathers Purple Heart, the night we found out because of YOU!

Thank you to the office of Congressman Lee Zeldin for helping my parents get their answers for my fathers military career.

Thank you to WNYT- Channel 13s very own John Craig and Donna Kessler for taking the time to make this story known in Upstate New York!

Thank you to Jan Conti for making the story possible in Upstate, NY!! Xo

Thank you to SSgt Surinaga for not only presenting my fathers Flag during his funeral, but for presenting my fathers Purple Heart to my mother, on your day off and Veterans Day as well!

Thank you to all of the news stations who chose to cover this story all week for my father. He was the most selfless human being, not a flashy man, and he would’ve just said a simple “thank you”. He was a man of little words, but huge compassion for everyone, and would’ve been extremely proud to say he received this medal, but more so that his family worked hard to continue his legacy. Thank you, News 12 Long Island, Riverhead News Review, Riverhead LOCAL, Newsday, WNYT, KMOV, WAND17, Belleville NEWS, St-Louis Post, and I am sure I am missing many. THANK YOU! My hopes is that your story helps to bring light to the awesome program that helped to bring my fathers Medal back to us.

Thank you to ALL of our Family and Friends who have reached out, shared my fathers story, and supported us.

Thank you to everyone who showed up to the beautiful ceremony today. Thank you to the representative from Lee Zeldins Office, our beautiful vocalist, Riverhead Ambulance Department, Veterans, and Family and Friends.

Can’t forget to Thank my husband and daughter for dealing with my emotions all week.. and all year since losing my Dad. The support means the world to me. 💜

This is a very long post, and I am sure I missed someone but.. I had to say thank you.. I had to let you know that we can finally celebrate Veterans Day knowing that my Fathers heroism for the first time has officially become noticed.

Dad, I miss you.. I’ve told you this time and time again.. you’re my hero, you’re my best friend and this still all seems way to surreal but I am so glad you finally received your medal. This was well deserved, and way too long .. but it’s here, it’s real, and I’m so proud of you. I love you, handsome!!

Here are some images from today, and the links to some articles.

Xo, Heather J.

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Little Spoon

Hey y’all! It’s been a little while, again.. I mean life gets crazy🤷🏽‍♀️it is what it is! .. however, Layla and I did receive an awesome product that we want to share with you.

Little Spoon is a an amazing option of baby food/ toddler food that is FRESH and ORGANIC. When I mean fresh, I mean.. fresh!  The “baby” food was sent to me for product review purposes, however.. Layla fell IN LOVE with it.  Layla hasn’t eaten “baby food” in a very long time.  She has been on solid food for a while, and I was nervous that she wasn’t going to like the mushy stuff anymore but, man, was I wrong!!

This food is freshly made with all organic fruit and veggies.  The package arrived in a box, however the box had something like a cold pack on the bottom to keep the items cold while in transport. *Smartest Idea EVER*  I was quite nervous that Layla wouldn’t take to having certain veggies and fruits mixed together.. once again, I was completely wrong.

Let’s see.. for example, Little Spoon had mixed peas, pears, and mint and I didn’t think Layla would be fond of it because she’s never had mint , or even pears and peas mixed together.. however, this was one of her FAVORITES!  Another one of her favorites was the beat, banana and mango mixed together. Layla has never had beats before and definitely not mixed with banana and mango, and she ended up crying because she wanted more and she finished it all! 😔

I would HIGHLY recommend Little Spoon, to any family looking to have their child try new foods that are HEALTHY and perfect serving amounts and full of nutrients.  Although this is “baby food” it was so healthy and worth giving to Lay, I would recommend for any toddler as well.  Layla’s god-mother tried it when she was feeding  her and she even liked it.. I mean, it’s THAT GOOD! Oh side note: it’s all HOMEMADE🙌🏽!!

Follow Little Spoon on their social media, let them know I sent you and check out their site to purchase some amazing food for your children!

Instagram: @littlespoon


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599 Fashion

Hey y’all.. so just like the title, this blog post is dedicated to 599 Fashion.  599 Fashion sent me some great pieces, and I want to share it with you.  Not only is this site affordable (like, really affordable) the clothing is good quality.  They were generous enough to send me an array of items, and I want to showcase this for all of y’all! All items on their site are brand new, and sell out VERY quickly. I mean… head over to their site and then you can see why. 😉  Not to mention, they do FREE returns and exchanges = Amazing customer service! 

Not only did they send me some awesome apparel, they also gave me a code to give to my lovely friends (that’s you)! So don’t forget to use code: HJ435 and this will give you 20% off your first order.. yes, 20% y’all! So head on over to their site: 599Fashion.com 💜💁🏽 
Olive Green dress • super comfortable and relaxed and one of my favorites!

Tan Booties • A little big, but super comfy and cute and perfect for this spring/ summer weather

Off white open sweater • comfortable, literally goes with everything – NOT too heavy, so it’s comfortable for many temperatures!

Grey Maxi Dress with middle slit• MY FAVORITE, super comfortable, ecentuates your curves, and can use for all types of events! 


Heather J. 

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My America IS Great because of you.. 

I thought this would be another “baby blogger OOTD” post for Veterans Day.. but with my hero and favorite veteran going thru cancer and our new president elect, I figured I would do a letter to you.. MY hero. 

My America has always been great, regardless of anyone’s thoughts. You fought for our country, and expected nothing in return, yet deserved everything. You came back from war, broken and battered and with medals on your chest, yet was spit on and called disgusting names because of the color of your skin. You worked your whole entire life since you were a child, went off to war (VOLUNTEERED) and came back a hero who was never given the chance to be considered a hero. 

It’s now November 11, 2016 and you will literally give the shirt off of your back for any and everyone, and as a veteran on Veterans Day, you still don’t get the respect you deserve. You’re a Purple Heart veteran, bronze star recipient and combat war veteran and no one has ever taken the time to know YOU. The VA has never helped you till this day. Our country has never given you the time or respect you DESERVE. You’re extremely strong, physically, emotionally and never once asked for ANYONES help.  Now that you’re going thru cancer, and STILL working and still providing for your family, I just want to say thank you. You are my hero, you’re a hero to this country, and YOU and all of your fallen comrades are the reason this AMERICA IS GREAT! This America has always been great, and it’s because of you. 

I love you, Dad. 

Happy Veterans Day.. You’re my Hero!
Layla representing her Veterans outfit for her mommy and her grandpa from Boots Badge and Baby. ❣️🇺🇸

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Baby Blogger: 6 Months!

Hi all .. Layla Fiona here 😄! I am officially 6 months old!!  Mommy took some shots of me today, and of course I am wearing my Zelda Matilda Kids Accessories. (White Bow)  Just saying hello and showing you my OOTD!
My Halloween outfit will be posted on my Moms Instagram Story! Check it out by following her @heather.jax 💁🏽❤️
Xo, Layla Fiona ❣️

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Baby Blogger's 2nd #OOTD

Hi all.. Layla Fiona here! I will be 6 months old next week and I wanted to share with you my special OOTD! (Outfit of the Day!) my first OOTD post, I wasn’t able to sit up on my own, however I have grown so much that I am able to sit up on my own, I’m eating real foods now, and I love to stand 🤗!! Well.. less talk more show, here is my OOTD featuring Zelda Matilda Kids Accessories! 
Zelda Matilda Purple Bow

• This bow is actually supposed to be on a headband, however because mommy put my hair in two pigtails, she decided to take the bow off the headband. Lucky for us, the bow has its own clip to attach to the headband and can be removed whenever you want! Super cool right? Now check out my outfit below and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram as well as my Mom who is doing all the updating for me. 😉 

Instagram @LaylaFiona + @Heather.Jax 

Instagram @ZeldaMatildaKid
❣️Layla Fiona 

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Baby Bloggers 1st OOTD!

Hi, my name is Layla Fiona and I am super excited to share with you my first baby blogger post.  I have been chosen as a brand rep and baby model for Zelda Matilda Accessories.  They sent me some awesome hair accessories and I can’t wait to share them with you through my fashion🤗! Here is my first #OOTD (Outfit of The Day) post, which features Zelda Matilda pink and white polka dot Celtic knot headband. 🎀. 

Check out the pics below and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @LaylaFiona and of course follow @ZeldaMatildaKid !! 

I will make a formal introduction in a later post ♥️ Thanks for reading! 


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Hi all! Long time no blog..  I will make more, in length posts coming very soon. However, here are some short tidbits of what’s been going on… 😎

  • Had my beautiful babygirl on 28 APR 16. 
  • Went back to work after 7 weeks of staying home with my princess.
  • Work has been busy, so haven’t been able to write all of the posts yet. 
  • Been asked to be a brand rep for some maternity companies/ baby companies recently. 
  • Baby products/ Mama product reviews coming soon. 
  • On my post-partum fitness journey, taking one day at a time.
  • Will be giving thank you posts to the companies I was so fortunate to work with while being pregnant for 10 months.

I have many more items to talk about but I am SUPER surprised and very appreciative for all of the love and support I have recieved for my blog site. I haven’t been able to update since our little girl was born, however I check the stats of my page and have been getting WAY MORE views than I would expect, being that I haven’t written any new material. So… THANK YOU to all of my new followers and I promise to write my backdated posts and reviews ASAP. You guys are the bomb.com (favorite saying lately) and we will talk soon 🤗!!!! 


Heather J. 

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Family Yearbooks

Super excited to share this blog post. My family has started growing, and we would love to find something perfect to start some type of memory or yearbook. This blog post is great because it shares one of their methods of saving memories, by using shutterfly! Now that we have our little bundle of princess on her way, to add to our fur family (husky; meeka and american feline; Otis) and my husband and myself.. this would be an awesome project to do! First year married, First year with Pup, First year with our new princess! Highly recommend this blog!

Thanks so much for an awesome blog post that I feel great re-blogging! @ForeverYoungMoms !! – Follow their blog to check out their maternity stories, family or birth stories!! Great family friendly blog!!

Xo – Heather J.

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